A new Air Hoist catalogue, RED ROOSTER

4 September 2019

All the information you need about our range of RED ROOSTER air chain hoists, trolleys and winches. From mini air hoist and material handling hoist to the new fast lifting TMH-series hoists with capacity from 3 ton up to 100 tons, RED ROOSTER has a wide range of air chain hoists available for production, industrial and offshore applications.

Included in the catalogue is a wide range of hoist / trolley combinations and special designs, fit for the most common situations, with optional features as marine paint specification, rack and pinion drive and articulated trolleys. If your lifting problem is something more of a challenge, contact us and we will help you find the solution.

This catalogue not only features our hardware but also includes additional information about ATEX options and certification, marine and corrosion protection paint systems, rental capacity and winch application and load bearing. Make our new catalogue your full reference book when it comes to lifting.

Download catalogue