Battery Impulse Wrench, Non shut-off, YZ-NP series

29 June 2022

YOKOTA is now launching an upgraded version, the YZ-NP, of the former YZ-N series. New is a Pulse check function: By teaching the tool the impulse cycle as a reference point, the tool is able to give a warning message for upcoming maintenance needs.

Otherwise, as before, the compact design provides great accessibility to the joint connection. For tightening bolts from M6 up to M10 with torque levels up to 65 Nm, with very high assembly speeds and remarkably low reaction forces.

The Output Adjustment offers 4 settings of motor output by the adjustment screw (2000, 3000, 4000, 4800 rpm). The combination of adjustment of the relief valve and speed setting of the motor gives a great fit-for-purpose adaptation to the specific bolted joint.

Electric brushless servo drive and LED indication for Overheat & Motor/driver errors and battery capacity warning.

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