Yokota Industrial and Hi-Tec air tool
The program of Yokota air tools has been divided in Yokota industrial air tools and Yokota Hi-Tec impulse wrenches.

Yokota Industrial Co. Ltd. (Japan) is making great effort to provide high quality and performance airtools for all industries. The modern technology is resulting in a high quality production system, based on 70 years of experience. The company is internationally orientated and active in global sales.

The Yokota strategy is that development with team spirit, flexible ideas and young power will bring the best solutions. With all this research and developments Yokota is contributing to a better environment for the operator.

The demand for airtools has been increasing along with the modernisation of the industry. Airtools have become indispensable for improving productivity. Over the last decade the demand has been diversified, and higher quality tightening and control system were needed. Yokota is now the leading company in the market for Hi-Tec airtool. Yokota keeps producing not only accurate tools, but also ergonomics are very important, in order to achieve the best possible working conditions for the operator.

Yokota Hi-Tech Production Tools
The Hi-Tech programme offers the ultimate fastening tools, used by the vast majority of mass

assembly product environments. We offer fully bespoke tooling & systems for all of your assembly requirements. From standalone tools to fully traceable Poka Yoke systems – we have the right tool for the right application.

We specialise in decreased takt times & increased productivity levels. HI-Tech production and high quality tightening are prerequisites within the Yokota Hi-Tech range. With ranges capable of 6-600Nm – we have a tool for every application. Our new generation System Wrenches, offer full torque & angle monitoring. This brings a truly faultless forward system to the market. Where 100% fastening security is required this is the only real choice on the market today.

Yokota Industrial Air Tools
Manufactured at our world headquarters in Osaka Japan the Yokota Industrial range offers a range of industrial air tools. The tools within the range are tools that stand the test of time from impact wrenches & grinders through to specialist manufacturing tooling. Yokota continues to offer un-compromised quality.


Toku Industrial Air Tools
Manufactured in Japan, Toku is one of the world leading manufacturers of industrial air tools. The Toku moving circle symbol signifies – quality, reliability and continuity – the three key factors in the Toku philosophy.

Manufactured using only the highest quality of raw materials, coupled with the most advanced manufacturing and assembly techniques, these strong efforts to control product quality is included in each item manufactured. This offers you a superior range of industrial air tools suitable for the most hard working and demanding environments

Red Rooster

Pneumatic tools and air chain hoists
Red Rooster is since 1973 a well-known brand in the European market and consists of high quality air tools and air chain hoists from the best manufacturers. From our European central warehouse in Belgium we can, in close collaboration with our local partners, provide fast and efficient deliveries within 24 to 48 hours in most parts of Europe.

The range of air tools is divided into two parts, service tools and assembly tools. The tools are selected, tested and checked by our product development team to ensure that our tools through reliable quality meets or exceeds customer expectations and has the best price / performance ratio.

Service Tools
Red Rooster offers a complete range of pneumatic tools such as drilling, grinding and cutting tools and impact wrenches for users within industrial and service sectors.

Assembly tools.
Red Rooster Industrial offers affordable assembly tools with advanced technology for all types of users. There are both pneumatic and battery operated tools in the range. The offer consists of two different types of tools, shut-off screwdrivers and nut/screwdriver with hydraulic impulse mechanism.

The shut-off screwdrivers are available in pistol, straight or angle versions with capacities ranging from 0.3 – 11.0 Nm.

The ranges of nut/screwdrivers with hydraulic impulse mechanism are available in both shut-off and non shut-off versions with capacities ranging from 6 – 450 Nm. These tools are especially suited for environments where reduced assembly times and ergonomics such as low vibrations and low reaction forces are prioritized.

Air chain hoist
Red Rooster air chain hoists are manufactured by Toku in Japan. The Japanese production stands for high quality where only the best materials are used. All parts are produced with the smallest tolerances and the best heat treatment.

Red Rooster air chain hoists are extremely robust and therefore very suitable for intensive use in industrial and marine environments. They are especially suited for environments where there is risk of explosion due to flammable gases or where continuous operation is desired due high lifting heights.


Impact Sockets
ACTION has been recognized as the leading manufacturer of impact sockets, hand sockets and chisels for both electrical and pneumatic tools in Taiwan.

The company sticks to their philosophy, ‘No compromise in high quality’. To make sure that ACTION tools always satisfy customers; from materials to design, and from the manufacturing to the final inspection, a stringent quality control program is carried out.