Stubby Impact Wrench ¾”, RRI-25S


RED ROOSTERs new Mini Composite Impact Wrench is very compact which makes it suitable for working in tight spaces. RRI-25S is a powerhouse with an excellent weight / power ratio, weighing only 2,85 kg and with 1 300 Nm at untightening. The Twin Hammer impact mechanism generates a high energy per stroke and with a…

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Air Chain Hoist, TMH-25 Tonne, Faster and more compact


The new RED ROOSTER TMH-25 Tonne Air Chain Hoists is almost 3 times faster than the previous version. With 1,4 m/min lifting speed with load, it is one of the fastest air chain hoists currently available on the market. With M3 “Classification of the mechanism” this hoist has extremely good durability ensuring high continuity of your process. For safety reasons…

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YOKOTA Battery Impulse Wrench, Non shut-off, YZ-N series


YOKOTAs compact Japanese design of the YZ-N range offers great accessibility to the joint. Tightening bolts M6 up to M10 with torque levels up to 65 Nm with very high speeds and remarkably low reaction forces. The Output Adjustment Dial offers 4 settings of motor output by the dial (2000, 3000, 4000, 4800 rpm) and the…

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Vibration Reduced Hammer RRI-4612 & RRI-4596


Hammer Vibration Reduced RRI-4612K VL & RRI-4612R VL RED ROOSTER Vibration Reduced picking hammer are suitable for endured usage. The “VL” versions are by means of the internal suspension cylinder vibration reduced and therefore they can be used for extended time. They give a very high force per blow and has a very low vibration and…

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New catalogue YOKOTA & RED ROOSTER Assembly Tools


In this catalogue we combine the best of both worlds. Yokota Industrial and Red Rooster Assembly offers you a full range of assembly tools. From 100% accuracy and traceability for a ‘Zero Fault Production’, to plain and simple solutions that accurately tighten treaded fasteners. Time efficient and with maximum ergonomic benefits; we offer you the…

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RED ROOSTER RRI-BI serie, Battery impact wrench with electronical adjustable shut-off


New in the RED ROOSTER Industrial range is the RRI-BI serie. A serie battery impact wrenches with electronical adjustable shut-off function in 50-steps, which makes the tool very suitable for assembly applications where high accuracy of the required torque is required. With Dynapact impact system which has two pins hammering on the anvil, making 1…

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Angle Grinder RRG-2134, 2144 & 2155 Now with 60% more power


RED ROOSTER introduces an upgraded, powerful range of angle grinders. The machines are equipped with vibration reducing handle and have a spindle-lock for quick change of abrasives as well as an easily adjustable protective cover. Suitable for cutting and grinding They replaces RRG-2034, 2044 & 2055 Download leaflet  

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Impact wrench MI-17C, Ultra-light and very powerful


TOKU launches a completely new Impact wrench with composite housing. With a weight of only 1.84 kg and a breakloose torque of 1,900 Nm, this is a well-balanced tool with excellent weight/power ratio. The Twin Hammer impact mechanism generates high energy levels per stroke and it has 3 possible positions for tightening, max 700 Nm,…

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RED ROOSTER RRI-PR & -PRN serie Riveters


RED ROOSTER Industrial introduces a new range of pneumatic-hydraulic blind riveters with models for both rivet nails and for rivet nuts. Key features are the ergonomic grip, the low weight and the high speed of operating. The nail riveters are equipped with a vacuum to enable vertical processing of the rivets. RED ROOSTER RRI-PR pneumatic-hydraulic…

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TOKU MI-17MG, Updated classic


Japanese TOKU has released the sequel to its classic MI-17HEG, which is now taken out of production. TOKU MI-17MG is an Impact Wrench designed for dissembling or assembling applications within the industry, now with an improved grip and a new trigger. The Twin Hammer mechanism generates a high-energy level per stroke, 4 possible positions, and…

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Chisel Hammers RRH-4309K & RRH-4312K, Vibration reduced


The RED ROOSTER RRH-4309K & RRH-4312K are two new, powerful, compact and vibration reduced chisel hammers with high efficiency. They have a quick change retainers for chisels, insulated handles for better grip as well as exhaust air through the handle. The versatility of the hammer makes it suitable for professional use in various sectors. Download…

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A new RED ROOSTER Power Tools catalogue


Here you can read about the complete range of RED ROOSTER air tools with excellent price – performance ratio for services, engineering and light industrial users. The range consists of a variety of Impact Wrenches from ¼ ” to 1″. In addition to this, there are a wide range of Drills, Grinders & Sanders and…

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Angle Impact Wrench RR-15A


This RED ROOSTER angle impact wrench is very compact and has an excellent weight/power ratio. The very compact body of the RR-15A makes the tool very suitable for working in tight spaces. The Jumbo impact mechanism generates a high energy levels per blow with minimal vibration and the two-step trigger allows you to slow start….

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We exhibit at AUTO-mässan in Gothenburg


We exhibit RED ROOSTERs wide offer of pneumatic tools. The RED ROOSTER INDUSTRIAL (RRI) range contains of high quality tools selected from the product range of the best manufacturers The RED ROOSTER (RR) range covers the automotive aftermarket demands.

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A new Red Rooster Assembly Tools catalogue


Here you can read the entire Red Roosters offer of tools for quick and reliable assembling with advanced technology thru excellent price – performance ratio. There are both pneumatic and battery tools in the range. The offer consists of two different types of tools, shut-off screwdrivers and impulse wrenches with hydraulic pulse mechanism. Pulse tools…

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A new hoist catalogue


All the information you need about our range of RED ROOSTER air chain hoists, trolleys and winches. From mini air hoist and material handling hoist to the heavy duty range up to 100 tons, RED ROOSTER has a wide range of air chain hoists available for production, industrial and offshore applications. Included in the catalogue…

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Hoist TMH-3000 & TMH-6000


The new Red Rooster TMH series air chain hoists have with its 5.4 m/min. the highest lifting speed and the lowest headroom in its class on the market. With M4 classification (800 hours) of the mechanism, this hoist has extremely good durability and will ensure high continuity. TMH hoists are designed with an extra eye…

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Die Grinder RRG-1000RE & RRG-1000REL


RED ROOSTERs powerful new die grinders are well suited for deburring applications as well as weld seam finishing and general die grinding applications. With the power of 740 W and a speed of 22 000 r / min. these tools has a very high processing capacity. The machines have swivel air inlet and adjustable rear…

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18V Li-Ion Shut-Off Angle Wrench, RRI-BA series


RED ROOSTER, is now launching a series of Shut-Off Angle Wrenches well suited for assembly applications requiring high accuracy. The series consists of six tools with capacities from 3-70 Nm with programmable speed 170-1000 r / min. depending on the model. The tool is equipped with LED indicators that inform the operator if the tightening…

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Yokotas Battery System E-Wrench


Rami-Yokota introduces Japanese Yokotas Battery System E-Wrench, a new generation of Li-Ion battery-powered impulse tools for the manufacturing industry with the need for accurate tightening and high production speed. The series consists of three tools with the capacity of 7-50 Nm. They are particularly suitable for areas where cables and hoses prevent flexible handling, such…

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Rami-Yokota at MOTEK


Visit us in Hall 4 Stand 4010 at the MOTEK tradeshow in Stuttgart, Germany  

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½” Mini Impact Wrench, RRI-14


RED ROOSTERs new Mini Composite Impact Wrench is very compact which makes it suitable for working in tight spaces. RRI-14 is a powerhouse with an excellent weight / power ratio, weighing only 1.1 kg and with 610 Nm at untightening. The Twin Hammer impact mechanism generates a high energy per stroke and with a two-step…

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Vibration Reduced Hammer, RRI 4021/4


We now introduce the fourth generation of RED ROOSTERs popular hammers for construction, renovation and gouging. The tool is compact and is vibration reduced which provides high power per stroke, 3.5 Joules, with low vibration- and noise levels. There is a wide range of chisels available in both standard and with carbide tip. Download leaflet

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New series powerful Impact Wrenches ⅜, ½, ¾ square drive


These new composite impact wrenches by RED ROOSTER have a Twin Hammer impact mechanism which gives high energy levels per impact. With a high breakloose torque (680, 1750 or 2550 Nm) the tools have an excellent weight/power ratio and are suitable for industrial use like assembly- and disassembly applications. The power is adjustable in 3…

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Angle Grinder 180mm – 2 kW, RRI G70


This angle grinder from RED ROOSTER has a high performance engine of 2 kW and through its integrated balanced spindle excellent balance and low vibration level making it possible to work for long periods of time. It is equipped with integrated speed control for maximum security and performance. The M14 spindle can be held by push…

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We exhibit at EuroExpo in Västerås


We exhibit Rami Yokotas offer of pneumatic tools on the Nordic market. YOKOTA, Hi-Tec pneumatic nut/screwdriver with hydraulic impulse mechanism. These may be complemented by Poka Yoke controller, for reducing relaxation and increase clamp force in the screw joint. Red Rooster, Assembly tools for the cost-conscious industry. NEWS, We are launching RED ROOSTERS battery operated…

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Vigore is exhibiting at EuroExpo in Kiruna


We show Rami-Yokotas offering of pneumatic tools and hoists on the Nordic market: Red Rooster, Air motorized hoists in ATEX version of capacities from 125 kg to 100ton Toku, industrial impact wrenches up to 1½ “& 5500 Nm for mounting and dismounting Red Rooster, Pneumatic rock drilling and demolition machines and hammers Yokota & Red…

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Rami-Yokota is exhibiting at MOTEK


At the exhibition Rami-Yokota will show Yokotas electric tools, a generation forward for the manufacturing industry with a need of accurate bolt tightening and high speed production. The Yokota electric system wrenches with integrated torque transducer and angle sensor offer a large reduction of energy consumption, a high degree of accuracy and fantastic work efficiency. The…

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Vigore is exhibiting at EuroExpo in Falun


We show Rami Yokotas offering of pneumatic tools on the Nordic market: Yokota & Red Rooster, pneumatic and battery operated nut / screwdriver, both with shut-off and non shut-off hydraulic pulse mechanism We are now launching Red Roosters new range of Shut-Off screwdrivers with a total torque range between 0,3 Nm and 11,0 Nm.

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Red rooster cordless shut-off impulse wrenches


High tightening speed combined with good accuracy. No reaction forces during the tightening process. No tightening functionality when battery charge is low, thus process safety improves. Very well suited in areas where cables and hoses impede handling flexibility of tools, such as interiors of cars, coaches and trains. Offering bolt tightenings up to torque levels of 45 Nm…

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RED ROOSTER RR-16N T ½” Impact Wrench


This composite impact wrench by Red Rooster has an excellent weight/power ratio. The RR-16N T ½” is especially developped for the tireshop applications. The tool is limiting the tightening torque to 90 Nm for wheel nut applications, so overtightening is history! Full power available in loosening direction. Allways use the torque wrench to check the torque! The Twin Hammer impact mechanism…

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