Battery impact wrench, RRI-BI serie, With electronical adjustable shut-off

5 December 2017

New in the RED ROOSTER Industrial range is the RRI-BI serie. A serie battery impact wrenches with electronical adjustable shut-off function in 50-steps, which makes the tool very suitable for assembly applications where high accuracy of the required torque is required.

With Dynapact impact system which has two pins hammering on the anvil, making 1 impact per rotation at both sides of the anvil at the same time. This system gives high torque output and is well balanced.

The BI-serie are especially suitable for use in areas where a hose or cable will hinder or impair accessibility. The tools are available in 4 models designed for screws between M6 and M12, with tightening from 6 to 120 Nm.

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